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Fix Microsoft Edge’s ‘Hmm, We Cannot Reach This Page’ Error In Windows 10

If your Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. browsers are working fine but Microsoft Edge is being a nuisance, follow our lead and fix Microsoft Edge’s ‘Hmm, we cannot reach this page’ error in Windows 10.

With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft aimed to put all previous disappointments behind them and give users something that was simply as dynamic as ever. It could be molded into something else, twisted into a completely new thing but on the other hand be brought back to the original thing. Such was the versatility they hoped to achieve and in that process many new traits such as Cortana and preexisting attributes such as  GodMode of the previous OSes were smoothly refined into Windows 10.

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Fixing Edge Using Internet Explorer

One application that has been omnipresent in Windows is Internet Explorer. Whether its Windows 98, Windows XP or Windows 7, Internet Explorer has always been there to cater for the surfing needs of users and is to this date, being commonly used by the veteran community and parents alike. Finally, Internet Explorer has found a new name and an incredible revamp with its UI and performance by its evolution into what is now called Microsoft Edge.

This pacy yet simple browser has turned into a darling for all Windows boys out there and has been warmly welcomed by veteran users who have not yet embraced Chrome or Firefox. However, a lot of users have complained on how Microsoft Edge frequently displays ‘we cannot reach this page’ while if you perform that very similar search on Chrome or Firefox, you get instant responses. This is how you can fix ‘Hmm, we cannot reach this page’ error.

Open ‘Internet Explorer‘ and click on ‘Settings‘ button in the top right corner. Then from the drop down, select ‘Internet options‘ as shown in the image below.

nullify we cannot reach this page error in Edge

Then from the resulting window, click on ‘Programs‘ and then click on ‘Manage add ons‘ as shown below.
Steps to correct we cannot reach this page error

From the resulting window, click on ‘Search providers‘ and then ensure that the ‘Search in the address bar and the search box on the new tab page‘ check box is ticked. Then close Internet Explorer and enjoy browsing with Edge.

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Now, surf with Edge like nothing ever happened before and the ‘we cannot reach this page’ error will never torment you again.

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    Didn’t work

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    Wasn’t the problem, this happens constantly when I am even on a page.