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Fixed: Scroll Bar Randomly Goes To Top Of Folder In Windows 10 File Explorer

There is a rare issue in Windows 10 that causes the scroll bar to randomly go to the top of the file explorer when you open a folder with a large number of items within it. Find out how to fix it with a simple trick!

While the issue has been persistent for a while and assumed to be fixed with the past cumulative updates, reports still suggest this annoying bug is remains dominant. You can see the issue in question taking place below:

As you can see, the issue is quite a nuisance and it hinders the user from naming a folder or scrolling through a list for anything longer than a few seconds.

You can imagine how problematic it can be to constantly go from the bottom of a folder to the top of it, especially when you have to look for something important and need your sweet time.

The issue is caused by a malfunction of a setting in the color tab in Windows 10. To solve it, you simply right-click on the desktop and click on Personalize. When you have the new window open, navigate to the colors tab and toggle “Automatically pick an accent color from my background”.

Remedying the issue of scroll bar jumps to top of folder when open in Windows 10 file explorer.

While it isn’t quite clear on how the issue could have been caused by the background accent color, we have tested this for ourselves and verified that it does indeed fix the bug.

If you are still facing the issue shown in the video, let us know in the comments section below if the solution worked out for you or not.

  • Kaffelars

    Still have the issue.

  • Joanna

    Mine was already checked so I did the opposite and unchecked it. That seems to have solved the problem.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I had this issue today with my Outlook 365 after window updates. Your suggestion works for me. Thank you.

  • Keith Tyler

    It even works if it was already off; just toggle it back.
    It solved the same problem I was having in Outlook.
    The real question is how the heck anybody found this trick!

  • Ottawa Menscentre

    You cannot even get to the section because it jumps around, bad solution.

  • Joe D. Morgan

    When I opened “Personaize” the box you suggest be unchecked was already unchecked. Another solution regarding turning off a slideshow didn’t apply to me either because I didn’t have a slide show running. Joe Cool

  • Si Budd

    hi unchecked it in personalize but still experiencing this issue?

  • Matt Blankner

    Hello – Thanks for the tips. I went to the Personalize-Color section and my auto was already selected so I reset my color and “unselected” it. It seems to have solved the problem!!! Yeaaaaaa!! Thanks much!!

  • JtC

    Did not fix my issue.