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Get Free Beats Headphones Even If You Bought Mac/iOS Device Before ‘Back To School’ Deal Went Live

Although Apple’s free-Beats-headphones-promising “Back to School” promotion went live yesterday, folks who bought any eligible Mac or iOS device in the past fourteen days can still get a free pair of premium headphones. Learn how after the jump.

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As many of you are already aware, Apple launched a “Back to School” promotion yesterday as part of which they’re giving away Beats headphones for free when you buy an iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (Beats Solo2 headphones) or iPad Pro, iPhone 6S or 6S Plus (Beats Powerbeats2).

Hundreds of thousands of people buy as many Mac and iOS devices across the world everyday, so there are bound to be many who must be feeling shorthanded that they bought one right before the Back to School promotion went live. You can get up to $300 value out of the headphones, so it’s not a small deal for fresh customers.

However, as noted by redditor macbookvirgin, you can in fact get the free pair of Beats headphones if you bought the Mac or iOS device within the last two weeks. Here’s the story in his own words:

Bought a Retina Macbook about a week ago and its been a total babe. I knew that there would be a student offer as every summer but I was expecting it to come out in July. I was surprised when they started it today. I hopped over to a nearby Apple Store after work and asked if I would be able to possibly get them since i bought it only a week ago. They said yep. 

Apple has a two-week return policy for Mac and iOS devices. So, theoretically, if Apple didn’t allow this directly, one could always return the Mac or iOS device, and buy a new one to make use of the Back to School promotion. Thankfully, Apple understands this and just gives customers the free Beats headphones directly if they bought the device recently. Excellent customer service!

According to macbookvirgin, Apple Store reps asked them for their device’s box, Student ID, national ID, as well as the receipt before they handed over the sweet, sweet pair of Beats headphones.

Beats headphones are super popular among youngsters, and though it’s widely agreed you can get much better sounding headphones for less price, they do sound really great especially when you score them for free!

So yes, if you bought a new Mac, MacBook, iPhone 6S or iPad Pro in the past couple of weeks, head to your nearest Apple Store to get those free Beats headphones! Just be sure to ask nicely, and present them with the aforementioned documents so they can process your request fast.

Happy shopping!

(via Reddit)