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Get Minecraft: Story Mode Free Ep. 1 For Windows 10 [Limited Time]

Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the most under-rated games of 2015, but now the first episode is free for a limited time on the Windows Store.

Minecraft was originally released to the public in 2009 and completely took the sandbox world by storm with its unique take on graphics and crafting mechanics.Over its release, the game went on to gather a number of titles and accolades for its tremendous success.

After several years of showing promising success on all the major gaming platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and more, the game became a global phenomenon and was enticing enough for Microsoft to purchase in 2014.

After the purchase the game has continued to improve, but Microsoft would go on to to release this standalone game in partnership with TellTale games to give players a new look at the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Story Mode comes to you from TellTale games, the team behind two seasons of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead: Michionne, The Wolf Among Us, and many other mature themed gamed.

Thankfully, Minecraft: Story Mode is aimed and meant for the younger audience, but also fans of the multi-billion dollar video game that has garnered a name for itself as one of single most successful games in its lifetime.

Minecaft Story Mode first episode is free

Minecraft: Story Mode tells the story of Jesse, a character that is up to the players choice of gender, and their adventures in their world of Minecraft.

The game is currently concluded at 5 episodes, but there are 3 further episodes coming later this year, making this TellTale games biggest franchise in terms of episodes in 1 season.

While fans familiar with the works of TellTale should be aware that with eventually, TellTale does make the first episode free to people on the relevant distribution channel such as Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, etc.

For the first time,¬†Minecraft: Story Mode’s pilot episode is free on the Windows store for a limited time. In addition to this, the season passes that offer episodes 2-5 and 6-8 are also on sale, so if you are tempted by the end of the first episode, can continue your adventures at a lower cost!

Minecraft Story mode on sale.

Keep in mind that the clock is running out and the game will only be free for 11 more days.

If you wish to add the download to your basket immediately, you can go to the store page and complete the purchase for free!

Minecraft: Story Mode [Windows Store]

While the content is directed towards younger audiences, the decisions you make in this game as just as pertinent and have an impact on your gameplay as much they did as prior TellTale game titles, so it is best that you still consider your choices very carefully.

It is worth mentioning that Episode 6 is currently available, and episode 7 is slated to enter the consoles and PC later this month, July 26th and following dates depending on the region you reside in.