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Get Push Notifications In Action Center For WhatsApp In Windows 10

There is a new app for everyone’s favorite messaging application – WhatsApp – that comes with push and Action Center notifications. Find out whether WhatsWrapp is worth the install or not!

The Windows Store is growing more than ever before, it is giving some great quality apps that are certainly making the store more relevant than it ever was in Windows 8/8.1, and truly making the Windows 10 experience complete.

A few weeks ago, we came across WhosDown, a desktop WhatsApp app for Windows 10. Though it lacked the essential features of showing the senders of messages, the app was still good considering it was the first of its kind.

Today we have come across WhatsWrapp, yet another WhatsApp desktop application courtesy of the Windows Store. WhatsWrapp offers push notifications and Action Center notifications for WhatsApp which weren’t there for us in WhosDown.

Operating on the same method of WhatsApp web / WhosDown, the app simply requires you to login by scanning the QR code on the screen, and you are good to go!

Logging into WhatsWrapp - a desktop WhatsApp for Windows 10

As you can see, the interface is minimalistic, clean and simple, giving you the right amount of room you need for complete immersion into WhatsApp and your conversations. All the options of WhatsApp Web work just as well in this separate desktop app, so you can comfortably use it as a complete alternative.

To make the app even more so enticing, there is also support for Live Tiles. WhatsWrapp’s live tile shows you your current number of unread WhatsApp messages in different conversations!

WhatsWrapp Live Tile in action! It's a nice way to see notifications.

If you want to give WhatsWrapp a try, you can download it from the link at bottom and readily get started! Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can not show the Action Center notifications, so this one screenshot ought to do just fine.

If you do face issues in getting your notifications, try logging out of the app once and logging back in. If the issue persists, then try to delete the installation folder for it by navigating to the place where apps are stored.

The only real Achilles heel of this magnificent app is that it has to be running in the background. If you kill the app, you won’t get any notifications – not even from the Live Tile.

While a first party WhatsApp Web client would still be a significant deal for the community, these fan made apps are pretty suffice for the job at the moment.

Download WhatsWrapp for Windows [Windows Store]

Let us know in the comments section on which app you would prefer to use and why?