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Get Tabs In File Explorer With Clover For Windows 10

Multitasking allows us to do a lot more than we can usually do at a time. Here’s how you can get tabs in file explorer to take your multitasking experience to a whole new level.

The idea of multitasking is one that deserves recognition of the highest order. Multitasking is what makes a specific task to be accomplished in the shortest possible time. From years to months, months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours and hours to seconds, it simply wasn’t possible to achieve work optimization and completion in shorter time spans without the help of multitasking.

Since the idea of multitasking has been coined, many developer companies have tried various ways of giving users firmer control over their devices through it. Microsoft did try to implement multitasking by the different programs splitting the screen in half and easy selection of different programs from the left side menu in Windows 8, Windows 10 is when multitasking has been taken to a whole new level through the help of one of the hallmarks features of the brand new OS known as the Virtual Desktops.

While Virtual Desktops are a very handy feature indeed, some people just can’t settle for something and for them we’ve got a trick up our sleeves. Its a third party app released by EJIE Technologies called Clover.

What Clover does is that it gives you multi tab functionality for your file explorer. Just like in Chrome, when you easily use different tabs easily to navigate between websites, Clover displays a tab for every folder you open so that you can switch between them very easily. To do that, follow the steps below to get tabs in file explorer through Clover.

NOTE that it works for folders placed on your desktop or places outside the file explorer.

Download Clover from the following link. [Official Website]

It by default opens up as file explorer in a separate window as shown in the image below.

Get Tabs In File Explorer With Clover For Windows 10

Notice the This PC tab in the top left corner just like in Google Chrome.

Now, whichever folder you open on your desktop or outside file explorer, it will add to the tabs in the top and you can easily switch between them via just a simple click. It can support many tabs just like in Google Chrome as illustrated in the image below.

Get Tabs In File Explorer With Clover

Another superb addition to the long list of third party apps. Check out Ditto, another nice third-party app for managing clipboard.