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How To Add Favorite Files & Folders In File Explorer

The existence of favorites in File Explorer has been there since Windows 7. Find out how you can make the most of it on Windows 10. 

There are a number of ways that various users who operate Windows everyday are likely to handle their navigation of the OS. From clicking on This PC to otherwise navigating a desktop shortcut. If you are like me, however, you have to visit multiple directories in one day for various reasons. You would like to keep your favorites in File Explorer for faster access.

There is always room for improved management techniques, such as how to remove folders from This PC. While Windows 10 has since renamed Favorites to “Quick Access” in This PC, the concept of managing that particular sections are more or less on the same principles that were in place for Windows 7 / 8. Managing them is a piece of cake and once you get the hang of it, can save you a great amount of time in accessing your favorite files and folders spread out all over your partitions.

Operating the Quick Access isn’t as difficult as one would assume, it primarily houses 2 simple functions, the addition and the removal of folders, or other shortcuts.

Let’s first look at how to Unpin / Remove files from Quick Access.

If you have a Pinned shortcut on Quick Access such as This PC, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Simply Right-click and choose “Unpin from Quick Access“.

How to remove favorites from Quick Access.

Else, if you have an unpinned folder or such, simply right-click and choose “Remove from Quick Access“.

Removing unpinned folders from Quick Access.

Lastly, if you want to add something that you want quick and easy access to, simply navigate to that directory, right click to Quick Access and click on “Pin current folder to Quick Access“.

Adding favorites in File Explorer

Proof of concept of storing favorites in File Explorer:

Proof that it works!

Personally, I use Quick Access more than most other people who I know use Windows 10, especially when my semesters are in swing, it helps me manage the various folders for each of my subjects with great results in helping me be more productive.

Once you get the hang of configuring favorites in File Explorer Quick Access in Windows 10, it can truly help your productivity reach new lengths, especially if you are always reaching for content from one rabbit hole after the next.

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