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How To Add Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu

Find out how to add folders in Windows 10 Start Menu with this handy guide! This will help give you a whole new level of access right off the Start Menu.

The Start Menu in Windows 10 is still lacking when it comes to giving users extra accessibility; a simple 3 step guide will help you get more options in your start menu usage to save yourself a few clicks. This is a relatively easy guide and doesn’t require expertise, so don’t worry.

Let’s get started, shall we?

To begin with, start off by navigating to the Search box or Cortana and typing in Settings.

How to open settings in Windows 10

Once you have your Settings open, navigate to Personalize.

In Personalize, we will find options for Adding Folders in Windows 10 Start Menu

Next up, Navigate to Start, and click the blue line of text which says “Choose which folders appear on Start“:

All the options related to the Windows 10 Start Menu are here.

And voila! We are at the end of our journey, this is where you can pick and choose which directories or folders you want to see in the Start Menu in Windows 10 for speedier access to them.

Here, you can choose which to Add Folders in Windows 10 Start Menu

Here are some Before and After Shots for comparison:


A before shot of my Add Folders in Windows 10 Start Menu


After making changes to Add Folders in Windows 10 Start Menu

As you can see, this is indeed a really handy for those of you who navigate to multiple locations in their daily usage of Windows. The jury’s still out on whether desktop icons beat folders in Start Menu, but at least now you have an option to freely experiment with both.

This is a relatively easy tweak to undo by just following the above steps again, in reverse.

This is definitely the first time that Windows has given users freedom to customize the Start Menu without the involvement of third-parties or registry tinkering, and this is indeed a tweak that will save many users a lot of time in looking for the file they need, especially users who rely on touch screen interfaces.

This is easily a favorite tweak of mine and a lot of people aren’t aware of it, the Windows 10 start menu has a lot of accessibility and room for tinkering with, so why not explore the possibilities with it?

Let us know if these tweak has helped you in any way in the comments section! Check out our post on making invisible folders in Windows 10 if you want to keep things private.