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How To Add Snipping Tool To Right Click Menu In Windows 10

This guide will tell you how to add snipping tool to right-click menu in Windows 10, making your screenshotting process a piece of cake. 

Note: This guide involves making registry files. If you are new to making registry files, go through one of our earlier guides on a different registry-file-based tweak to learn how to make registry files (with step-by-step screenshots!) in our post on how to reduce title bar size in Windows 10.

The snipping tool is easily one of the most underrated tools in the arsenal of users ever since Windows 7, it allows users to selectively crop parts of their desktop and save them in various formats.

While most users would have to access this as a dedicated icon on their desktop, this guide will help bring this handy tool to your fingertips, making it a click away.

This guide involves making a registry file, and will cover steps on how to make snipping tool directly attached to your right click and if you get tired of it, will also be mentioned in the guide.

If you are adamant about trying this guide for yourself, navigate to the bottom of the guide for pre-made registry files that you just need to download and execute to add snipping tool to right click menu.

First of all, right-click anywhere on the desktop, choose New and select Text Document.

You will now have an empty text document open before you, copy and paste the following text below into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 @="&Snipping Tool"

Once you have done so, navigate to File and select Save As, make sure you save the file with any name you wish, but the end of it has to have .reg , after naming the file, remember to set Save as type: All Files.

This is how it looks like when you add snipping tool to right click menu.

And once you have saved the file, navigate to where it has been saved and execute the script by double-clicking and allowing all the following dialog boxes to accept the request.

Once you have successfully run the registry file, you will now see a new addition to your right click prompt on an empty space.

However, if for some reason you wish to undo this, simply follow the above steps and in the empty text document, paste the following lines of text, and finishing it off the same way.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


And once again, simply execute the registry file and give permission to all the prompts that come.

Here are some ready-made registry files for you to download and run without worrying about making a mistake in the above guide.

  • Registry file [Jumpshare link] to add snipping tool to Right Click
  • Registry file [Jumpshare link] to remove snipping tool from Right Click.

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