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How To Add Time Tile To Windows 10 Start Menu

This one’s for Start menu customization enthusiasts: we’ll show you how to add a time tile to it in Windows 10!

In the digitally connected world of today, the need of having knowledge about time in different countries has become an essential knowledge.

Most people turn to Google Chrome or other a widget to give them that information, but a small trick in the Alarm & Clock app in Windows 10 will allow you to pin as many live time tiles as you wish to the Start Menu.

Steps to add time tile to Start menu in Windows 10


Start by running the Alarm & Clock App in Windows 10. You can do this by accessing it from the start menu by pressing All Apps or typing it directly in the search box with the help of Windows Key + S.

Finding the alarm app.

STEP 2: 

When you have the app running, navigate to the world clock tab in the app, when you find it, look for the small + button at the bottom right corner of the app and enter the location of your choice.

Adding a location.

Adding Singapore as an example.


When you enter the location of your choosing, navigate to it, right-click and choose “Pin to start“. This will add the time tile to Start menu.

Adding the time tile to the start menu.

You will get a confirmation box asking if you wish to pin this tile to start?. Choose Yes and you are done!

Now when you open the start menu, you will see a live time tile for your location readily available to customize!

The live tile in the start menu

As you can see, the live tile is readily available on your start menu ready for you to tinker with like any other live tile. You can customize its size and play with its placement to your liking!

The live tile is clean and simple, showing you the time and day of your chosen location.

You can do this any number of times for locations all over the world! The only real limit here would be the availability of space on your Start menu that will actually play a role in deciding just how many live tiles you can fit in there.

If you found this guide to be helpful, let us know in the comments section. We always love hearing back from our readers!

  • Thank you! I did not want to install a 3rd party clock/time app from the Windows Store. This was the solution. I do miss the very useful (and attractive, sharp design) Windows 7 analog Clock Gadget as I could place/duplicate it on multiple displays.

  • peterallcdn

    Hmmm… this doesn’t work on my copy of Windows 10 Home. 🙁 All I get on the pinned tile is a static icon of a globe and clock with the city written underneath… but no time.