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How To Change Edge Default Search Engine

Microsoft Edge comes with an array of nice features for basic users. One of them is to the ability to change Edge default search engine. Read on to know how its done.

By now, users would be completely aware of what Microsoft Edge is. For those who’re still new to Windows or have recently been autocratically forced into Windows 10 upgrade, you can check its detailed coverage on our website. We’ve covered lots of goodies such as Web notesset homepage for your favorite website etc.

Microsoft Edge is by default set to search for everything that you write, in the URL field, in the Bing search engine. Bing is Microsoft’s own search engine. It is also known by the names of Live Search or MSN Search. It was released in 2008 and has since gone on to receive world wide acclaim. It was Microsoft’s alternative to Google.

Like all other things, Bing has also undergone significant upgrades to improve its performance. It underwent a revamp of it’s indexing algorithm in 2011 known as Tiger. It was aimed at providing users with faster, efficient and more relevant searches. It also received an upgrade to its UI in 2013.

As Bing is Microsoft’s own search engine, all your search queries are directed towards it in Windows. Cortana also searches for whatever you ask it for in Bing. Bing is really handy and is quite useful when Google isn’t working properly. I’m having problems with Google not working well due to unknown reasons but Bing has fulfilled that empty spot very nicely.

While Bing maybe good, it is not Google. It has lesser content. So, if you think that Bing is inadequate for your daily requirements, you can change Edge default search engine from Bing to any other of your choice through the steps below.

Steps to change Edge default search engine

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Click on the More Actions button in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to find Search in the Address bar with.

Step 5: Click on www.bing.com.

Step 6: From the drop down menu, click on Add new as shown in the image below.

Steps To Change Edge Default Search Engine

Step 7: Choose a website and click Add as default.

That’s the end of it.