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How To Clear Browsing Data On Closing Microsoft Edge

A common issue that is currently plaguing Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is the lack of privacy. It will soon be remedied in one form if the latest insider preview is any indication, as you will be able to optionally clear browsing data when exiting Edge.

Microsoft Edge is really great, but still falls short on some parts when compared to other browsers. The lack of extensions is definitely the biggest gripe that users have but another issue that has gone under the radar is how the browser keeps your inPrivate data cached.

The above issue has been resolved in a recent update, but according to the latest list of additions in Windows 10 Insider Preview 14267, you will soon be able to delete all your data as soon as your browsing experience ends. The new feature will allow for users to have all their visited websites, passwords, history, cookies, etc. automatically clear themselves when you close the browser.

Currently, this is a feature limited to people on the Insider Preview, but you can count on it making its way to us in a cumulative update in the future.

This feature will save you the hassle of manually deleting your browser history, which can be cumbersome at times.

If you are on the latest insider build and want to enable this, simply open up Microsoft Edge, navigate to the 3 dots in the top right of the browser and click on Settings.

How to access settings in Edge

In here, you will see an option of Choose what to clear and another prompt of Clear browser data. Over here, there will be a new option to Always clear this after I close the browser, which is the highlight of the guide.

Changing privacy settings in Microsoft Edge

This feature should be especially handy for those of you using Edge on a family computer. I’m not sure if Internet cafes are still a thing, but any public computer running Windows 10 would benefit from this security feature.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see it make its way in a future cumulative update?