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How To Disable Sign In On Chrome Launch

Here’s an informative tip to help you disable sign in on Chrome launch in Windows.

Google Chrome made its debut in September 2008 as a beta version for Windows XP. Initially, it stayed in an experimental phase for around three more months after which it fully debuted in the market. Developed by Google, Google Chrome is a revolutionary web browser. Its rivalry with Mozilla’s Firefox has been well documented. Both of these web browsers have pushed each other to reach greater heights similar in a way Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are pushing each other to newer levels.

Before Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the world was dominated by Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer did a decent job in its time and is very much loved by the elderly community to date. When Chrome and Firefox made their way into the market, IE was put to shame by them – driving people to uninstall Internet Explorer. I remember when I first moved from Internet Explorer to Firefox, the first thing that occurred to me was: “And we thought Internet Explorer is good, it is no match for this!”

Considering the popularity of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft decided to ditch the obsolete Internet Explorer and go with something new. It did take them a long time to acknowledge that and Windows 10 finally saw the birth of Microsoft’s very own Edge browser. Edge is a worthy competitor to Chrome, Safari etc. because of its beautiful themingEdge sync, web standards compatibility, and general usablity.

Disabling The Annoying ‘Set Up Chrome’ Form

Coming back to Chrome, it also allows you to sync your settings, browsing history etc. This can be done by signing into your Google Account. After this, on whichever computer you will use Chrome on, your desired personalizations would be there with you. Syncing maybe a very good feature indeed but you might not require it especially if you don’t use a personal computer.

To disable sign in on Chrome launch what you simply need to do is when Chrome launches the sign in tab, instead of hastily closing it, scroll down the tab and click on No Thanks as shown in the image below.

 How To Disable Sign In On Chrome Launch

After doing this, you won’t have to worry about Chrome forcefully telling you to sign in every time you open it. It is as simple as that.