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How To Disable Touchpad Gestures In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with some brand new features. One of them are new touchpad gestures. If you like them, that’s fine. If you don’t, follow the simple guide below to disable touchpad gestures in Windows 10.

Windows 10 houses a lot new features that bring users much closer to it. Not all these features are floating on its surface. For some, you have to go scuba-diving deep into Windows’s registry. Some, are hidden in plain sight while the rest are there in front of you.

Registry is a very unique component of Windows. It makes the user feel like a superhuman as you can do a lot of things with your Windows through it. We’ve already covered an array of features such as enabling a notification when your battery gets fully chargedchange inactive window titlebar color etc. which we can enable through the registry.

That was a little bit of registry for you. Windows 10 is not just about that as it’s 1st major update in November brought Windows with newer features such as enabling find my device etc. Another of its newer features are the new gestures users can perform with their touchpads.

Touchpads are one of those inventions that epitomize how smart things have become. They can perform multiple things at a time and on the same hand, do not require any wiring. However, gaming with them is almost impossible. Previously, Windows 10 allowed you to pinch to zoom and two fingered tap to perform a right click. Now, you can do five more things with it:

  1. Hold three fingers and scroll it upwards to open Task View.
  2. Tap with four fingers at once.
  3. Three finger tap to open Cortana.
  4. Three finger down to show desktop
  5. Slide three fingers.

However, these gestures can sometimes be a nuisance to manage. All these tasks can also be done through keyboard shortcuts as well. To disable touchpad gestures, follow the steps below. Note that this works only for precision touchpad.

Step 1: Open Settings app.

Step 2: Click on Devices: Bluetooth, printers,  mouse.

Step 3: On the left side menu, click on Mouse and touchpad.

Step 4: Under touchpad, you’ll see options to disable touchpad gestures. You’ll only see these gestures if your laptop is equipped with precision touchpad. Mine was not that is why I was not offered any settings as shown in the image below but if yours is a precision touchpad, this is exactly where those options will appear.

Steps To Disable Touchpad Gestures In Windows 10


  • Tuco

    Disable Touchpad instructions do not match with what I see in “Settings” for my Windows 10 Home Edition. I find no way to disable the touchpad, only a way to set the sensitivity of it. On a Dell Inspiron 5558.

  • usnavyvet

    To disable pinch to zoom on an Elan touchpad: Use Regedit.
    hkeycurrentuser/software/elantech/smartpad/zoom enable
    change the data value for zoom_enable from 1 to 0, file/exit and reboot

  • Kerry Sheerin

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