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How To Enable / Disable Lock Screen In Windows 10

Here’s an informative ploy on how to enable / disable lock screen in Windows 10 if you don’t or do feel like having it hanging around.

Windows 10 was to be the most complete Windows ever. There was a lot of hype before the new OS was going to be released of how Microsoft would provide us with something that was new and never seen before. The rumor mill began to spin.

People claimed many absurd things about the functionality of the new OS while some authentic sources did make accurate assumptions as well. One of the proven new features to be included in the new OS was of a brand new, Windows’s very own customizable browser which proved to be the final nail in the coffin of Internet Explorer. Windows 10 did come with a so called upgraded version of Internet Explorer known as Internet Explorer 11 but I, personally, am not sure why did they even carry on with the old browser.

New features aside, Windows 10 did carry forward with it a lot of the features that were found in the previous builds. In many aspects, some accessibility has been annoyingly shown the door such as the awesome battery indicator of Windows 7 but mostly you’ll find most of those old goodies still under the hood. One such feature is the lock screen.

The lock screen is the screen that appears whenever your computer boots up. It also presents itself when you lock your screen through the ‘Windows+L’ shortcut. You have to dispatch it to access the sign in screen. While it is a beautiful thing to have, if you don’t feel like having it, disable lock screen through the following process.

Step 1: Open local group policy editor by typing it in Windows Search.

Step 2: Click on Computer configuration.

Step 3: Click on Administrative Templates.

Step 4: Click on Control Panel.

Step 5: Double click on Personalization.

Step 6: Double click on Do not display the lock screen.

Step 7: From the resulting window, click on Enabled and then click OK as shown in the image below to disable it.

How To Enable / Disable Lock Screen In Windows 10

However, if you wish to bring it back, simply follow the instructions again and then click on Disabled to enable it.