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How To Enable Edge Sync In Windows 10

If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, you’d be pleased to hear that Windows Clan is revealing how to enable Edge sync in Windows 10.

Since the development of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer has plunged into wilderness. Most people prefer to use these browsers for their surfing needs rather than Internet Explorer. The ability to manage downloads, tabs and the overall browsing experience in these browsers was much user friendly than that of Internet Explorer which led to its downfall. So, in order to up their game a little, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge houses a significant upgrade on Internet Explorer, specially in terms of its UI and accessibility. This was something that Microsoft fanboys were simply waiting for a long time to happen apart from Virtual Desktops and finally it has been delivered in Windows 10. Although it has some drawbacks such as not being able to delete all favorites at once, it’s a pretty nice thing to have.

Microsoft Edge is definitely the real deal when it comes to what Windows has been offering since its inception in terms of its own surfing browsers. Powerful, beautiful, eye catching and customizable are some of the newer characteristics the newly born browser houses. While it may be a significant upgrade on Internet Explorer, initially it did encounter some reported problems but overall, it was satisfying to finally see a browser which really reflects the strength and growth of Windows.

Another fantastic feature that you can count on when it comes to Edge is the Edge sync. It syncs all your desired settings so that you won’t have to change them again and again if you use multiple Windows 10 devices. More after the jump on how to enable Edge sync.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on Accounts: Your account, sync settings, work, family.

Step 3: From the left side menu, click on Sync your settings.

Step 4: Below Individual Sync Settings, turn on the Web browser settings as shown in the image below.

Enable Edge Sync In Windows 10

After you’re done with it, close settings and your Microsoft Edge settings will apply to all other Windows 10 devices that you currently use.

  • graye

    Actually, that setting is just for Internet Explorer… and doesn’t affect Edge. To accomplish the same thing in Edge, you first launch Edge, then go to the “more” icon (the 3 little dots), then “Settings”, and finally the “Sync your content” section where you can change the Sync “slide switch”