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How To Install Apps On SD Card In Windows 10

If you’re running out of space on your hard drive, no need to be alarmed as this article brings you how to install apps on SD card in Windows 10.

Hard disks, like all other things related to technology, have undergone massive improvements in the last two to three decades or so. They have moved from megabytes to terabytes, from mechanical ones to the much faster solid state disks. A hard disk to a computer is kinda like a stomach to a human. Without it, both won’t be able to store anything.

The newer PC’s and laptops are coming in the market with laughable amounts of storage space. The 40 GB hard disk that made me rejoice as a kid 10 years ago, seems like a joke now. While the newer computers maybe coming in with a lot of hard disk space, many older laptops still require some helping hand.

Similarly, SSD’s have made their way into the market but their available space cannot be compared with that of the older mechanical hard drives. Users with Microsoft Surface, this is specially for you. The Surface doesn’t offer loads of storage space and for other users facing a similar problem, we have the solution which is to install apps on SD card to release some burden of your hard drive.

In the initial release of Windows 10, this wasn’t allowed due to unknown reasons but fortunately in the latest updated build, Microsoft developers have thrown caution to the wind by bringing this feature back. This comes in really handy if your computer is getting stacked up with useful data which you cannot delete and on the same hand, cannot afford to buy an external hard drive as well. Follow the steps below to save apps on SD card.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on System: Display, notifications, apps, power.

Step 3: From the left side menu, click on Storage.

Step 4: Under the Save locations, click on the tab which says New apps will save to and then select the SD card from the drop down menu as shown in the image below.

Steps to Install Apps On SD Card In Windows 10

Now, by default, all of the apps you install will be directly saved into your SD card and you won’t have to worry about doing that manually.