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How To Make Manual OneNote Backup

Automatic syncing and Microsoft OneNote aren’t always the best of friends. So it’ll be a nice idea to make manual OneNote backup to ensure that your data remains safe.

Microsoft OneNote is one of the universal Windows Apps. It offers tremendous versatility compared to Microsoft Word as it provides the functionality of both Word and the online Google Docs together, in a way. OneNote lets you create, share, collaborate your notes just like you can in Google docs but with a lot more freedom.

Microsoft OneNote is Microsoft’s alternative to Evernote. I have recently started using this app and I’ve found it very simple and easy to use. It’s ease of access is amazing as it contains some neat features that every user likes to have in their text editors.

OneNote lets you create quick notes and assemble them neatly in a notebook. Unlike most other text editors, you can start writing anywhere you want to in the space provided just by clicking on that spot. One if its similarities with Google Docs is the auto save feature which ensures that you do not have to worry about you losing your data in case of power or Windows failures.

In case your OneNote app has stopped working, it also has a web based version from which you can access your notes until your app gets fixed. With OneNote, you can log in from different PC’s and find your notes wherever you go.

Recently, Microsoft has received quite a bit of complaints about OneNote not syncing their data very well and the People App not getting properly fixed which has led to loss of data for many a users. When accessing OneNote while connected to the internet, users have failed to find their notes while some have complained about them not being able to access their notes on multiple Windows 10 devices despite the OneNote sync option being turned on.

Considering the aforementioned problems, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a manual OneNote backup and export it to a local drive to ensure my data’s security. This can be done by:

Step 1: Click the file tab in the menu.

Step 2: Select Export.

Step 3: Select what would you like to export and its Format.

Step 4: Click on Export as shown in the image below.

Steps To Make Manual OneNote Backup

That’s it. Note that the automatic sync is not a backup creation feature so it would be a wise decision to manually backup your notes every once in a while.