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How To Manage Notification Settings In Action Center

The current state of affairs of the way notifications are handled in the Action Center is a mixed bag, but there is hope for improvements to it, as the latest Insider Preview Build allows you to manage notification settings including priority and grouping. Learn how after the jump.

Windows 10 Action Center notifications

If you are currently on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316, you probably missed an under-rated feature that was highly demanded by Insiders: deeper notification management in Action Center.

To access the new options, go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions. Here you should see useful new options for managing notifications in Action Center: You now have more control over which apps can and cannot notify you, and how they do it:

  • Select which apps are allowed to come up in the Action Center.
  • You can prioritize your notifications as Normal, High or Priority – it’s obvious giving certain apps’ notifications higher priority will improve the visibility of them in Action Center.
  • And lastly: you can change the number of maximum notifications from each app in Windows 10’s Action Center. The default is 3 items; after that you can click to expand the notifications. I know I’ll be using this to ensure emails and chat app notifications don’t clutter my Action Center.

This is easily an underestimated feature of the latest Insider Preview Build that I hope becomes a final addition to the first roll out of Redstone in the coming months. The notifications in Action Center can at times become very cumbersome, especially since I maintain multiple email accounts it becomes saturated very fast.

Aside from emails, I get other push notifications from apps that I don’t want notifications from at the time and I have no option to mute them without uninstalling said app.

I don’t see these options in my Windows 10…

It’s because you aren’t on Windows 10’s Insider Preview Build 14316 (or later). Microsoft previews new features to brave beta testers before they polish them up and release them for all Windows users. We expect new Action Center settings to be made available in the Anniversary Update expected in June-July. Until then, you will simply have to wait. We don’t quite recommend using the Insider builds as your daily driver, since they aren’t as stable or reliable.