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How To Now Send Texts From Android Using Cortana

Cortana has a lot to offer when it comes to Windows 10, but what if her abilities extend to helping you on your phone such as to send texts from Android phones?

Cortana is a treasure trove of utility with potential for much more to discover down the pipeline. After being capable of running external programs from voice command, she is now capable of sending messages from your Android phone from the comfort of your desktop, using voice or text commands.

The setup process is a relatively difficult one at first, but once you’re past it, you are opening yourself to a greater world of facilitation, especially from Cortana. Sending texts from your Android phone without picking it up is awesome!

First and foremost, you must link Cortana accounts on Windows 10 and your Android phone. Head on over to the Google Play Store and download Cortana [Play Store]. Make sure you login to Cortana on Android on the same email account registered to your Windows 10 account.

Follow the proceeding series of steps to link your email accounts between phone and desktop.

Open up Phone Companion from the Start Menu as shown below:

Opening Phone companion.

Choose Android.

selecting Android.

Choose Cortana.

select Cortana

Enter your email address, press send and then next.

Enter your email address.

Confirm that you are currently signed into Cortana

confirm the sign in.

Click on Done.

Click on done!

And with that, you are now ready to send a text from your Android phone using Cortana on Windows 10.

Press Windows Key + S and choose type “Send a message to *name of person here*” For instance, I am going to text my brother, Sohail. So I will type, “Send a message to sohail

how to send texts from Android

After that, you will now see a prompt in Cortana.

Choose which number you want to text.

When you choose the number, you will be taken to the following box where the recipients name will already be entered and you just have to type the message.

Sending a text.

You will see the following prompt from Cortana.

Confirmation that the message sent.

If Cortana is running on your phone, you will get the following notification, otherewise you have to run Cortana on the foreground for the message to push.

Once you see this message, it means it has been sent!

You are now free to check your relevant SMS / messages app to see proof of life!


As you can see, it does indeed work. Cortana has taken her productivity game up a notch by allowing Windows users to send texts from Android smartphones as long as the relevant companion app is installed on the smartphone. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.