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How To Recognize Songs Playing Near You With Cortana

A new feature in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview (build 14267) will allow users to search for songs playing around them using Cortana.

The ability to recognize songs playing around you is still a favorite feature in Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile). A lot of people on iOS use it in Siri, too. Song identification was silently integrated into Windows 10 through speaking the command of “What song is this?” for Cortana. Cortana would then listen to the song, and attempt to recognize or identify it.

A new feature that was recently revealed in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14267, will now affix a hotkey for search for music through Cortana, This will save you the trouble of speaking the command.

The new music button will allow users to find and identify songs in the environment, especially music that is playing near you. This is a better alternative when compared to third party apps such as Shazam or SoundHound, which might not be in reach at the time you need them.

To take advantage of this new feature in Cortana, you must be on the Latest Insider Preview Build, 14267, which released earlier today.

Keep in mind that these are meant for developers, so it’s best to wait for the cumulative update to introduce this feature in 10586 build.

When you run Cortana by clicking on the search button or with the help of Windows Key + S, you will see the following musical notes button at the top right of the menu and this will bring up the search, now you just have to let Cortana listen and voila! You will soon be made aware on the identity of the song.

Cortana will now have a fixed button to recognize music

While this might be a underwhelming feature for some, I for one would love to make use of it when I am curious about a piece of music and my smartphone is out of reach.

Windows 10 still has this feature, but current build users who are on 10586.104, will have to voice the command or type the command using Windows Key + S.

Hopefully, we can see this new way to recognize music around us appear in a cumulative update in the future. Until then, let’s see if this is a surprise feature for the upcoming Redstone update for Windows 10 later this year!