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How To Remove Include In Library From Windows 10 Context Menu

If you like keeping your right-click options minimal and simple, this guide will tell you how to remove include in library from Windows 10 right-click context menu.

This guide requires the creation of a registry file, if you need to know how to make one, you can refer to our previous guide (with pictures) on it by clicking here [Windows Clan link].

Before we remove include in library.

If you are already familiar with the creation of the registry file, then proceed with the guide.

You can find the registry files for both at the end of this guide if you feel reluctant on making your own registry files.

First of all, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select New. Select Text Document.

In the empty text document, copy and paste the following lines into the body.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Library Location]
[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Library Location]

Once you have done so, navigate to File in the toolbar, select Save As. You will be prompted to save the file. Save it under any name as you wish but make sure it ends with .reg.

Once you have saved the file, navigate to where you saved the registry file, double click it and allow the following dialog boxes to run the registry by confirming the dialog boxes.

After we remove include in library

Once you run the registry file and have the confirmation, you will be able to see that you have successfully remove include in library context menu in your Windows OS.

If you wish to re-add the menu for some reason, you can do so by replicating the above steps with the exception of having the following lines in the Text Document:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Library Location]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Library Location]

And when you run this registry file, you will be able to see the option once more.

If you are hesitant about doing the above, here are some readily made registry files for you to download and run right away.

If you found this guide to be helpful, please let us know in the comments section.