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How to Set Lockscreen Screen Saver in Windows 10

The screen saver has been a time honored feature of every Windows, albeit its usage has decreased ever since CRT monitors went the way of the dodo bird. Find out how to bring the lockscreen screen saver back in Windows 10.

The lockscreen screen saver is definitely something that Windows 10 users should adopt, not only will it automatically protect your files from intruders should you forget to enable the lockscreen but, it gives you a pleasant sight to come back to when you’ve left your system inactive for a bit.

If you are curious on how to enable your lockscreen screen saver on Windows 10, it is deceptively easy and the Settings page itself is the same one you have grown to love.

Steps to set lockscreen screen saver in Windows 10


Right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on Personalize.

Opening Personalize settings.


You will see a new window open up. In here, locate the Lock Screen tab and scroll down to Screen saver settings.

How to enable lockscreen screensaver settings.


Next, you will see a familiar dialog box which has gone unchanged through the sands of time if you are veteran Windows OS user. The lockscreen screen saver options are simple and to the point, you can customize a number of options here such as what screen saver you want to use, when the screen saver is interrupted, to show the login screen of Windows, etc.

Managing the screen saver settings. You can click on 'On resume, display logon screen' to enable lockscreen screen savers.

The options of screen savers.

You can see your options for lockscreen screen savers above. 3D Text is considered to be a legacy screen saver since it can be traced back to the Windows OSes that predate Windows XP.

Bubbles was a recent addition to Windows 8, with Mystify and Ribbons being newer addition to the screen savers gallery. Ribbons is definitely my personal favorite.

To preview your newly chosen screen saver, do remember that as soon as you press the preview button, you must NOT move the mouse! It has to remain stationary otherwise the preview will be disturbed.

While many people may not see the point of a screen saver since they can make the system go to sleep or just close the laptop lid, screen savers can still be useful if you have an important active task like a game running and don’t wish to hibernate or close the lid.

Plus, if you ever want to make sure you have a good show going on to amuse a baby or a pet, the screen savers are enough to keep them under a spell.

Let us know your choice of screen saver in the comments section below!

  • Ahmed.Adel

    I can’t change the screen saver settings as it’s dimmed , screen saver section is dimmed and I can’t change any settings.