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How To Turn Off Mail App Notifications In Windows 10

Tired of your computer making noises all the time because of mail? Why so serious? We’ll tell you how to turn off mail app notifications in Windows 10.

The introduction of Windows 8 was a milestone because many attributes that were previously unthinkable were now available on every user’s desktop. One of the most significant additions to Windows’s arsenal of features was the integration of ‘Windows Store’ which allowed users to access hundreds of thousands of apps. In this article we’ll be focusing on the Mail app and in particular how to turn off mail app notifications.

Windows 8 came with a Mail app that brought users more closer to their inbox and mails in a very smart manner. It was very well received as now there was no need to open Chrome or Mozilla and re-login to your email account every time you turn on your computer. Windows 10 came with a vastly improved version of mail app with a better UI, which allows quick shuffling between your emails and calendar, and easy to use features. Mail authoring is a highlight hallmark of mail app and it comes with all the previous features supported by the former mail app. Whenever a new mail is received, a notification administered by the action center is displayed above the taskbar to inform you of your new email. Some bug fixes and vastly improved performance were other notable characteristics associated with the new mail app. However, if you think you don’t need to be notified for new emails, simply turn off mail app notifications from the following steps.

Open Mail app and click on ‘switch to settings’ icon in the bottom left corner. Then select options from the resulting sidebar and under the ‘notifications’ caption select and deselect to turn on or off the notifications as shown in the image below.

final step to turn off mail app notifications

There are more customizable options depending on what you wish to do with your notifications. Simply check or un-check the ‘Show notification banner’ or ‘Play a sound’ boxes below according to your needs and you’re done.