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How To Turn Off Web Search In Windows 10

In this article, we’ll tell you how to turn off web search in Windows 10 to limit your search to files on your personal computer only.

Windows 10 allow us to do so much than ever before. Just like in programming, there are multiple ways to write a program and get your work done. Similarly Windows 10 offers you the accessibility to do simple things in multiple ways such as fixing blurry displays by the help of a compatible third party application or built in capabilities. Such is the beauty of this OS.

In order to get the most out of Windows 10, Microsoft developers cross related many applications in the new OS. This allowed better integration so that users could have better access to multiple things. Microsoft promised to deliver ‘Everything at once’ so apps were integrated into each other. One such example is of the new refined and premium Windows search.

On pressing ‘Windows+S’ or ‘Windows+Q’, users can conveniently access Windows search. The search bar has further increased user access to it. It is an extremely handy tool that can be used to search for anything in your computer as well as on the web with a single type but if you wish to turn off web search, read just a little bit more.

Turning off web search

The web search in Windows search works on the principle that it keeps track of your search history and locations to give you refined and accurate searches from the web. Windows search gives you the option to filter your search by clicking on either ‘My Stuff‘ to search for your entry in files within your own computer or click on ‘Web‘ to search for it on the internet. If you don’t click any of these, by default Windows search will display every related search from the web and from your PC. To turn off web search, follow the following steps:

Press ‘Windows+S‘ or ‘Windows+Q‘ to access search or simply click on the Search bar. Then click on the ‘Settings Icon‘ and then deselect Search online and include web results‘ as shown in the image below.

Turn off Web search by this two step process

Now, by default Windows search will only look for your entry in your computer only.

Note that if your computer has multiple accounts in it, this setting will only apply to the account you are changing the setting from. Gracias!