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How to Uninstall Multiple Programs At The Same Time In Windows 10

Grown tired of having to wait for an app to uninstall before you can uninstall another one? Without further due, in this post we tell you how to uninstall multiple programs in Windows 10 at the same time.

Microsoft has been working hard to make life much easier for its users. Be it screen icons or settings, Windows developers have tried their utmost to make sure that the user feels easy with everything and for them virtually everything is on their fingertips. The introduction of Virtual Desktops, Cortana etc. have given users the ultimate freedom to do infinite things with their computers. This added flexibility coupled with the supreme voice input Cortana has pushed the accessibility in Windows 10 to another dimension. One such added suppleness to Windows 10 is the ability to uninstall multiple programs at the same time.

Love Android or iOS, you will definitely like what you’re going to read next. If you ever wanted to uninstall multiple programs in Windows like you could in Android/iOS through simple taps then your wish is finally coming true, though not with taps but with clicks. Control Panel maybe the go to place for any sort of technical queries but the integration of the much more mellow ‘Settings’ app has been a revelation in itself. Whenever you’ll try uninstalling multiple programs from the Control Panel, it won’t allow you through the ‘Programs’ option as shown in the image below.

Control Panel desktop app in Windows 10

However, need not to panic as the Settings app is there to the rescue. Simply open the app, click on ‘System Display, notifications, apps, power’ and then select ‘Apps and features’ and your screen should project something like this.

Select apps and features for uninstalling multiple programs in Windows 10

Now click on the app and then click ‘Uninstall’. While the app is uninstalling, you can simply select another app and uninstall it and then another and so on. The Settings app won’t stop you like the Control Panel did and it will bring back the delight of being able to uninstall multiple programs like in Android/iOS.

This is another of the long list of reasons why Windows 10 is being referred to as the most user friendly of all Windows’ developed to date. Sometimes, it just feels like that with this OS anything is possible.