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How To Use Google With Edge In Windows 10

If you want to use Google with Edge for better results, this guide will walk you through on how to do so in a few clicks!

If you are among the small user base of Microsoft Edge users, you will no doubt have problems of having Bing as your default search handler in the browser. While we completely understand that the browser is made by Microsoft and Bing is part of the product family, Google as a search handler can never hurt, right? You may also want to learn how to block ads in Edge.

Changing the default search engine in Edge is a piece of cake, by the end, we will have the capability to use Google with Edge.

Before we do this, you have to make sure that the search engine of your choice is in your browsing history. This means you have to visit your local or search engine of choice in recency.


To start with, run Microsoft Edge from the taskbar and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser and click on settings.

How to open edge settings.


Once you have settings open, scroll to the bottom and click on View advance settings.

Opening advance settings in Edge.


Once that is open, navigate down until you see “Search in the address bar with” and a box below it. Click on the box (which by default will say and it will give you a drop-down box that will allow you to <Add new>, click on it.

Changing the search handler.


Now, choose the search engine of your preference and click on “Add as default” You will get a confirmation from the browser and now your default search engine will be set to Google or which ever search engine your prefer.

How we can use Google with Edge

And with that, you have now successfully changed your default search engine to Google or the one of your choosing! Enjoy the freedom!

With that, this guide comes to a close. If you wish to revert the change, you simply go back to step 3 and change it back to Bing using the drop down box, although most would find that as the most unlikely scenario in this situation, no?

If this guide was at all helpful to you, let us know in the comments section!