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How To Watch Showbox With Bluestacks

If you’re loco about movies and seasons, and like getting streaming them for free, you should know about running Showbox with Bluestacks.

Online video streaming has become somewhat of an industry in itself. Thousands of websites are now available online to cater your needs for any kind of videos. 10 years ago, a group of three amigos decided to create the first major video hosting and sharing website. That has succeeded to become one of the most viewed websites ever. Yes, we’re talking about YouTube.

YouTube is the Google for Videos. From videos which show users the way to throw a sock to the mesmerizing day to day efforts of Lionel Messi, YouTube has it all. YouTube became the inspiration of many other developers and out came more video sharing websites such as Dailymotion.

While these were websites, the need for an app that lets you stream entire movies, andTV shows surfaced immediately. Out came Showbox. Showbox is an Android app that lets you stream movies and seasons online. You can also download them from it. Why did we choose to preview this app? This is because we’ve discovered it to have the most content, and we’ve found a way to run Showbox with Bluestacks.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or support piracy or streaming content illegally. We wrote this blogpost for educational purposes only. Windows Clan does not recommend this app. Go ahead at your own risk!

Since its an Android app, you’ll require Bluestacks to run it on Windows 10. Bluestacks is an amazing Android emulator we’ve covered before that lets you run Android apps on your Windows. This is a truly amazing work of art as it allows a completely different platform to run apps of another one and has made Android apps available on our desktops.

The company started in 2009 with Bluestacks app player as their flagship. Now, after renowned success and millions of downloads, the company has attracted multiple heavyweight international investors such as Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm etc. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, check out Bluestacks 2. It is the latest update to the emulator making it even more powerful than before.

How to watch Show Box with Bluestacks

Enough with the history, lets get straight into how you can watch Showbox with bluestacks.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks [Bluestacks website].

Step 2: Find and download “Showbox.apk“. Since the content streamed within the app is illegal, and we do not endorse illegal content, we are not sharing the link to it. You can find it yourself with a simple Google search, if you’re interested.

Step 3: Right click on the downloaded Showbox.apk file.

Step 4: Click on Open with Bluestacks APK handler as shown in the image below.

steps to watch Showbox with Bluestacks

Step 5: Open Bluestacks and run Showbox through it.

Step 6: If asked to update the app, update it.

You’re done! Showbox with Bluestacks lets you works like a charm if you’re willing to bend your morals. Note that the emulator will work for many other Android apps as well.