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Hulu Is Now Available For Windows 10 – Download Now

Hulu is a leading video streaming service in the US which is host to a great variety of movies and TV shows. After Netflix, Hulu is the next TV streaming app to get the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) treatment.

Hulu is a great online channel of sorts which is home to a lot of amazing movies and TV shows. The Windows 10 app has launched just in time for the premiere of Stephen King’s 11.22.63 which tells the tale about trying to undo the infamous JFK Assassination.

Users can stream the episode for free on Xbox from 15th February till 22nd February, even if you aren’t a Hulu subscriber.

Hulu for Windows 10 is now Live.

As with Netflix in previous months, there are many added benefits of Hulu being launched as a modern desktop app for Windows 10. It gives it some unique features such as following the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the Windows 10 experience. The app also features a fully functioning Live Tile which gives you peeks at shows you previously watched or are currently watching.

Additionally, users can now use Cortana to search for content on Hulu and launch the app without having to move the mouse. To use Cortana, you just have to use the command: “Hey Cortana, Hulu play American Dad”.

As with the entire initiative of the Universal Windows Platform, users will be able to access a universal app. Whether you have the app installed on your Windows Phone, Windows Tablet or other Windows enabled devices, you will get the same UI / UX without ever having to worry about memorizing a unique layout for a new device.

If you are an active subscriber to Hulu, you can head on over to the Windows Store and download the app [Windows Store link] on your Windows device right now!

Windows 10 continues to add one app after the other, with the recent addition of Dropbox getting the Universal app treatment too with some great features that integrate Windows Hello for added security.

There are a great number of apps that have also been added to the library of the Windows universal apps program, and you can count on more programs getting added as they come.

If you are an avid user of Hulu, let us know your thoughts on the new app in the comments, and what app you want to see next to get the Universal app treatment?