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Increase Streaming Speed In Windows Media Player

One of the biggest torments in life is sitting in your couch with your popcorn ready to watch a football match and realizing the video stream is awful. Put it to rest by learning how to increase streaming speed in Windows Media Player for faster playback.

The Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer are among the oldest Windows apps. They have been there to witness both the good and bad days Windows has gone through. I cannot remember more names apart from these two and Control Panel when I think of the oldest Windows programs.

The Windows Media Player was first developed in 1991. It was a big hit as not many programs existed at that time that could run movies and audio. Together with Internet Explorer, they took the world by storm at that time. Internet Explorer has undergone 11 iterations since its inception whereas Windows Media Player has been redeveloped 12 times to further improve performance. Windows 10 runs Windows Media Player 12.

While the Internet Explorer’s support will most probably stop in its eleventh version, Windows Media Player looks set to continue. It offers a nice UI which has upgraded significantly and some notable features such as the ability to increase streaming speed for a smoother video playback. This is a great feature as slow online stream playback is almost as painful as anything can get. This is particularly useful for users who follow different sports throughout the world that are not shown on television in their regions.

Steps to increase streaming speed are as follows:

Step 1: Open Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Click on Organize in the top left corner to reveal a drop down menu.

Step 3: In the drop down menu, click on Options.

Step 4: In the resulting window, click on Performance.

Step 5: Check the bullet on the left of buffer.

Step 6: In the text field on the right of buffer, enter a value greater than 6 as shown in the image below.

Steps to increase streaming speed in Windows Media Player

That’s it. A few things to keep in mind when adding a value is that you can add any value you like between 1 to 10. Values closer to 10 give a smoother playback. Try different values to know which value suits your playback best as these values may vary due to different internet connections that provide different speeds for streaming.