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Individually Sync Settings In Windows 10

In making Windows 10 the most user friendly Windows ever, Microsoft included the option to individually sync settings in it. This is how you can do it.

Syncing is a really nice feature to have. The first time I heard about this term was when I purchased my iPhone 4 about 4 years ago. The iCloud integration together with the ability of iTunes to automatically sync all your media whether they’re movies or songs was a really nice thing to use. Why was it nice? Because it automated the task of managing media on my mobile!

Working on similar lines, Microsoft decided to update their Skydrive to OneDrive in Windows 10. OneDrive is an enhanced version of Skydrive with newer capabilities. It is an ingenious cloud storage which is serving Windows 10 users very well around the world by providing intuitive options such auto saving documents to it and even restore deleted OneDrive files.

Another feature that is paying dividends is the Edge Sync. It is one of the exclusive Windows 10 features. It was recently implemented in Windows for the first time after the major November Windows update. It syncs all your personal settings so that you won’t have to change them again if you use Edge on multiple Windows 10 devices. It further highlights the user friendliness of Windows 10.

In providing users with a more firmer control over their personal settings, Windows 10 allows you to individually sync settings. This works in a similar way to the Edge Sync. If you’ve logged into another Windows 10 device with your Microsoft account, it syncs certain settings. If you don’t want this to happen for all settings but only selected ones, you can turn on or off sync settings through the steps below.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on Accounts: Your Account, sync settings, work, family.

Step 3: From the left side menu, click on Sync your settings.

Step 4: From the options under Individual Sync Settings, select/deselect the settings as shown in the image below.

Steps To Individually Sync Settings For Different Apps In Windows 10

After selecting your settings, close settings app and that will be it.

For the next time, Windows will be considerate enough to offer you a familiar reception by ensuring all your personal settings are in place.