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Internet Explorer 11 Will Be The Only Microsoft-Supported Browser Starting Next Month

Internet Explorer has gone obsolete now which has finally pushed Microsoft to move forward only with Internet Explorer 11 support come January 2016.

The Internet Explorer has seen a similar fate to the mobile phone behemoth of the last decade a.k.a Nokia. In the early and middle years of the last decade, Nokia was considered as the symbol of class everywhere in the world. The release of the extremely famous Nokia N-Series became the dream of many a users, moments after it surfaced.

Internet Explorer 11 support

Come the latter years of the previous decade, Nokia got completely and rapidly ousted by Samsung and Apple. The once mighty Nokia was considered no more the buy first choice by many users. The reason to that was that Nokia, instead of building onto their success, stagnated on their software embarrassingly. The Symbian OS was an embarrassment when compared to Android Gingerbread and Apple iOS 1.1.5.

The Internet Explorer has suffered a massive decline due to similar reasons. While Apple and Samsung have pushed each other to get even better, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have only fared to push Internet Explorer further into the ground. Just like Nokia, Internet Explorer stagnated on its design and performance. While Chrome started providing facilities such as interaction with Edge and other browsers, Internet Explorer remained standstill.

This has led to many users feeling the need to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 from their desktops as they feel it is of no use to them due to the presence of bigger and better browsers. Addressing this, Microsoft has decided to proceed forward with only Internet Explorer 11 support from January 2016.

From next month on wards, Microsoft will not be providing technical or querying support for versions of Internet Explorer older than the Internet Explorer 11. This will make you extremely vulnerable from malware or privacy hacks in the older versions of Internet Explorer, if you’re still using them.

Another of the reasons for continuing with only Internet Explorer 11 support is Edge. Microsoft has decided to focus on its premier web browser and make it second to none. They’ve already inducted some nice features such as the Edge sync into it and if Microsoft is to be believed, it will just keep on getting better and better.

Internet Explorer 11 support to continue only starting next year as Microsoft focused on Edge

Tip: Now it’ll be a wise decision to move to newer browsers or at least, upgrade to Internet Explorer 11.

(via Microsoft)