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iPhone 7 Apple leather case vs. iPhone 6/6S [Photos]

The iPhone 7 comes with an updated leather case. We compare it with the iPhone 6S leather case so you can quickly understand what’s new in this year’s design.

Apple’s original leather case are my favorite kind of protective covers for the iPhone. They actually make the iPhone look better, more classier. They feel amazing in the hand; original leather is warmer than cold aluminum. They also age beautifully; forming a beautiful patina that is unique for each iPhone owner based on how they use their phone.

So, I was excited when I heard that Apple would be updating the leather case’s design for the iPhone 7. Here’s what’s new!

Aluminum side buttons

One common complaint with the leather cases is that their side buttons – volume up/down, and lock button – are relatively difficult to press. Leather isn’t a flexible material, after all.

Apple is fixing this complaint by introducing aluminum side buttons that remain as clicky as the original ones. You can see how it looks like below:

New iPhone 7 leather case from the front. Also shows side buttons.

Updated design for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

While the iPhone 7 maintains the same dimensions as the previous iPhone 6S, it does have a larger camera on the back. As a result, the newer leather cases comes with a bigger hole for the cameras. It’s even bigger on the iPhone 7 Plus which has two cameras, not one. You will need to purchase a new leather case when you get the iPhone 7, if that is your plan.

Here is how the new iPhone 7 leather case looks like in real life:

iphone-7-leather-case-vs-iphone-6s-leather-case-back iphone-7-leather-case-side-volume-buttons iPhone 6S leather case side buttons view iPhone 6S in iPhone 7 leather case iPhone 7 leather case rear comparison with iPhone 6S

I like the new iPhone 7 leather case! It has everything you love about the previous design, but includes better, more tactile buttons. Good on Apple for launching these!

What do you think? Will you be getting the iPhone 7 with leather case, or are you going to try something new this time?

Personally, I’ll be going for the black leather case combined with a matte Black iPhone 7 Plus, if I ever gather the “courage” (read: money) to buy one in the coming months.

Images via u/the_frenchman on Reddit.