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Issues In KB3147458 April Cumulative Update For Windows 10

As expected, April’s cumulative updates – KB3147458 & KB3147461 – have some bugs associated with them which are causing issues for some minor set of Windows 10’s userbase. More details after the bump.

Crashed Airplane

When your software is used by hundreds of millions of people, you are bound to have users find pesky little, difficult-to-reproduce bugs that your Quality Assurance team couldn’t find.

Such is the case with Microsoft’s Windows 10 – used by over 270 million people worldwide. So, whenever a new cumulative update releases, we hear reports of users finding troublesome bugs and issues that make using their PC a bit of a problem.

Yesterday, Microsoft released April’s cumulative updates KB3147458 & KB314746 for Windows 10. At the end of the post, we suggested users wait a couple of days before downloading the update. It appears our suggestion was correct, since we are hearing reports of issues in KB3147458 – the cumulative update specifically for Windows 10 1511 Threshold 2 (TH2) users – not in KB3147461 as per our observation.

Update: You should go for the latest Windows 10 cumulative updates. They have many bug fixes and improvements.


KB3147458 Breaking USB mice, Not Downloading, Messing Up Programs & More

Some users of KB3147458 update are reporting it breaks their USB mouse. trulygenericname1 over on Reddit notes Windows 10 detects their mouse for five seconds before throwing recognition errors and shutting off power. The comment received six upvotes, which suggests some other users are experiencing it, too. In related comments, people say their keyboard wouldn’t work either (though I’m not sure how they then typed their comment. Hmmm…)

DeltaF1 says Cortana’s reminders aren’t working as well anymore; apparently she keeps setting all reminders for the next day and when you ask her for changing the time to today, she says she can’t time travel.

Slad74 says the cumulative update broke their PC “just like the last two cumulative updates”.

Another user Jakobus3 couldn’t download the update at all in the first place. They say they’re stuck at an unspecified older version of Windows 10 10240 – the original Threshold release in mid 2015. We also heard reports of KB3147458 downloading properly, but failing to install.

Other users claimed the new update would cause compatibility issues with their displays.

Over on Microsoft Community, we’re hearing users say the April update has ‘messed up’ their programs. One user chimed in saying that right-clicking on any executable file crashes Windows Explorer.

Temporary Solutions To All Issues

That’s the gist of the issues we’ve come across so far. We will update this post, and share fixes that solves these issues as we dig deeper into the situation. Until then, we recommend uninstalling the KB3147458 or KB3147461 – whichever of the April cumulative update you’re having trouble with – from your Windows 10 PC.

To uninstall a cumulative update, go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program  > View Installed Updates. From here, you should be able to see the latest build in the list. Right-click on it, and select Uninstall to remove it from your PC.

If you had to do that, take this as a lesson not to immediately install the latest update. Wait a bit before taking the dive. Prevention is better than cure!

  • Needhelpwithwin

    I can’t open some programs like all the internet browsers(Firefox,
    chrome and edge), the start menu opens only one time and then I need to
    restart to use it again, and things like settings, weather and store
    just don’t open anymore! My PC is broken!

    First I tried some system restores but nothing was fixed Even uninstalling the KB3147458 is not working! Can you guys please help me?

    Should I have hope and wait for a Microsoft fix or just prepare to pay
    for my stupidity to not wait some days before install this update and
    backup my stuff and format my HD?

  • Andy Miller

    KB3147458 killed my networking. No WAN or LAN access. Tried different Ethernet adapters. Looks like it breaks Winsock and IP protocol on my PC. Only way to fix is a System restore to the day before the update.

  • Hutch

    My USB mouse (actually all of them that I tried) became jerky and less responsive after this update. My PC (Samsung laptop model NP530U4E with Windows 10) was generally un-usable since the mouse is a critical device for functionality. Fixed by removing KB3147458.

  • FrankLuska

    Gee, i just wish it would install so i can have all the other problems. Seems to work fine on my desktop. But my notebook, holly shit, i can’t even schedule it to update at a later date, so every time i shut down or boot / reboot, it goes through it’s spill about installing, can’t install, etc .. 3 or 4 times. Won’t be long, a year will be up, think I’m updating my two W8 machines before the dead line, I don’t think so.

  • Rebecca Fouts

    I’m fairly sure it is this update that is crashing my computer. There were a bunch of other updates that same day, but most were Office related and one Malicious Software Removal Tool update.

    Windows becomes completely unresponsive and eventually I get a pop-up that says Windows has become unresponsive and asks if I want to wait to see if it becomes responsive again. Any attempt at that point to bring up control panel control-alt-delete or the task manager fails. I have to use the power button to turn off the computer.

    I rolled back to a previous restore point to get things working again. Of course, then Windows immediately started to download and installed the updates again. As soon as that update installed, it was back to crashing the system.

    Right now, the other updates (including the one for the Malicious Software Removal Tool) have installed and the computer is still working. The Cumulative update is downloaded and half-installed. It says it needs to restart to finish the install . . . . so I suspect it’s the one causing problems.

    For now, I’ve set the computer to WAIT to restart until Tuesday to buy me time to figure this out. I guess I should restart and try the directions above on uninstalling it.

    I have Windows Pro 10 Build 10586.164 on an ASUS laptop.

    You mention waiting to install updates. How do you prevent Windows from automatically installing the updates on its own? I knew how on previous versions, but I just moved to Windows 10 and can’t seem to find how to prevent updates. Most sites I found said you couldn’t.

  • mark99k

    So it’s been almost a month now. Has anyone find out anything on the cursed KB3147458? On my PC it slows almost every operation to a crawl, and everything’s normal if I uninstall it — which I’ve now done about 10 times. I’ve tried a number of VBScript solutions to hide the update but they seem powerless to stop it reinstalling itself.