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Jet Black iPhone 7 Scratches & Abrasions [Photos & Video]

How do the infamous “micro-abrasions” and scratches look like on a Jet Black iPhone 7? Windows Clan shows you in photos from the real-world.

The world collectively gasped in awe early September when Apple announced the Jet Black iPhone 7. Yet, as more news rolled in, the collective reaction to it became increasingly disappointing.


Because while it looks and feels great, the Jet Black color is really susceptible to scratches. Apple calls them “micro-abrasions” on their official iPhone 7 page, and recommends concerned owners to put the phone in a case.

So, one of the most common questions would-be Jet Black iPhone 7 owners ask themselves is: just how bad are the scratches? How do they look in the real world?

We’re here to answer that today.

We’ve discovered a couple of photos on Imgur from one captbeard which shows the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus with minor-but-cannot-unsee scratches on the back. Here’s how it looks:

Close-up photo of a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus with scratches after a week of real world use.

And check out TechCrunch’s iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Review which shows just how bad the scratches look. What’s surprising is that these scratches appear from everyday usage: putting it in and out of your pocket, placing it on a table, etc. etc. This isn’t rough usage!

Why I would still get the Jet Black iPhone 7

I personally think the Jet Black color is awesome.

After going “naked” with my iPhone 4S, and 5S, and deeply regretting the decision because of how badly I damaged both phones with use, I now always keep my iPhone 6S in a case.

I’m currently using the Saddle Brown leather case from Apple. I think it actually adds to the look and feel of the iPhone. Leather feels great in the hand; better than cold aluminum. Leather looks great, too! Plus, the way it ages is nice, too. It’s like having a different-looking brown case every couple of months.

So, if I were getting a 128GB iPhone 7 today, I would most definitely opt for the Jet Black. I’m going to keep it in a case anyway, so scratches won’t be a concern.

  • kriss1313

    Put a case on to enjoy scratch -less phone.. cannot enjoy it because is in a case. LOL
    You change it in 2 years.. why not enjoin the design?