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KB3140768 Issues: Update Not Installing For Some Users

Microsoft released KB3140768 yesterday as a cumulative update for Windows 10 users. It appears there are issues with this build, as it is simply failing to install for some users. More details after the bump.

Windows 10 10586.164 released in build KB3140768

We covered the release of cumulative updates KB3140768 & KB3140745 just yesterday. The former is targeted at Windows 10 users running the Threshold update released in November, updating the version number to 10586.164, while the latter is for those still on the original June version, updating the version number to 10240.16725. These minor updates include various bugfixes, along with general security, stability and performance improvements.

Now, as was the case with the previous updates – KB3140743 & KB3139907 – users are running into issues. Most are simply unable to install the update. Windows simply refuses to install it on reboot. Others were seeing more nefarious problems such as being locked out of their own computer – unable to get to the login screen nor the desktop. The solution to these issues, as we discussed, was to uninstall and remove the  Windows 10 updates by going into Safe Mode.

Now, KB3140768 is causing somewhat similar issues. According to reports on Reddit and other Windows-related forums, here are some of the issues in KB3140768:

  • Update doesn’t install on system reboot
  • System slowdown throughout
  • Unable to access the logon screen

Only a small set of users are seeing these problems. It is working just fine for the majority of users. We are unsure what is the specific cause behind these, to be plainly honest, and neither does Microsoft until they release a fix.

Fix KB3140768 Issues By Removing The Update

Until then, we recommend you to manually uninstall KB3140768. If you’re able to access your desktop, or are otherwise stuck in a bootloop, you’ll have to do this from Safe Mode.

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Programs followed by Uninstall a program

Step 3: Click on View Installed Updates

Step 4: If KB3140768 is downloaded, but was failing to install for you, you’ll see it here.

Step 5: Right-click on KB3140768 and select Uninstall

Step 6: Restart

This ought to do it for you. If we come across any other solution, we’ll share it here.