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Lightscreen: Free Screenshot Tool For Windows 10

Lightscreen is a screenshot tool that should be installed on your copy of Windows if you wish for more utility.

Lightscreen truly lives up to its name, it is a handy screenshot tool which gives users the ability to a variety of options in one well bundled freeware package. The benefits of Lightscreen are too many to name, but if you are an avid user of the screenshot function but find the task of uploading the image for you straight to Imgur.

The app gives you the option of uploading an entire screenshot of your desktop or just a segment of it. This comes in very handy if you are trying to share an important shot of an item with someone and don’t want to go through the whole hassle of saving the screenshot, opening your browser and waiting for the upload.

The first and last screenshot tool you will ever need.

Additionally, there is a ton of customization offered by the app in terms of naming your screenshots, their save location so that you have a dedicated folder where all your screenshots with it are saved.

Considering this is a free desktop app, it is easily the jack of all trades when it comes to functionality, which offers benefits for the various ranges of users who are looking for a good app on the market to better manage their screenshot taking needs.

You can download the app by going to the following link.

While Windows 8 and 10 offer an in-built feature to take screenshots right out of installation (Windows Key + PrtSc) or using Snipping Tool, it is always best to have a third party app at hand, and considering how there is a portable version present, you can carry this on your USB to make use of it where it can be of real use or to help make another person’s life a whole of a lot easier.

The app is definitely going to get a lot of love due to how much we work with screenshots on a daily basis, if you are using the app, we would love to know your thoughts on it and if this was helpful to you!