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Linked Inboxes: View Emails From Multiple Accounts In Mail For Windows 10

Microsoft has been updating the Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app over the past few months. One of the nicer upgrades is the ability to combine multiple email accounts by linking them together so you can read, reply and manage relevant emails from one place. We show you how to create linked inboxes in Mail & Calendar app after the jump.


We are big fans of the Mail & Calendar app in Windows 10. It is hands-down the best way to manage your email from your desktop; the app completely replaces and for most of us. And it keeps getting better!

The latest update comes with a bunch of features, namely:

  • Cortana and Live Tiles Integration: reminders and events added from Cortana show up in Calendars, and emails you start dictating to her can later be completed in Mail. Microsoft is doubling down on this, as it is a popularly requested feature (apparently).
  • Deeper Personalization: you can change the background, change how much of the view it fills, change the primary accent color, and toggle between dark and light mode. We’ve covered how to personalize the Mail app previously.

and, in the context of this post…

  • Linked Accounts: you can link multiple accounts together to make it easier to manage your email. If you have two work-related email addresses, you can link them together to have one inbox. It’s a neat feature I didn’t know I need until I saw it in action!

Linked Inboxes or Accounts are quite easy to set up. You need to have at least two email accounts added in the Mail & Calendar app, and then it takes just a couple of steps. We’ll guide you how.

Step 1: Launch Mail & Calendar app.

Step 2: Click on Accounts from the left sidebar.

Step 3: If you already have two or more accounts, click on Link Inboxes otherwise click on Add Account.

Follow on-screen instructions to add an account.

Steps to add linked accounts in Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app 1

Step 4: After clicking on Link Inboxes, you’ll option to select which emails you want to link. Select them, give the linked inbox a new name and press Save.

Steps to add linked accounts in Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app 2

Steps to add linked accounts in Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app 3

That’s it! You will now be able to view emails from multiple related accounts in one inbox. How useful!

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