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Make Command Prompt Transparent In Windows 10 [How-To]

Windows 10 is a paradise for aesthetics-crazy users. If even the tiniest of details looking catchy matter to you, and you live and breathe in the terminal command line, you might like our guide on how to make the command prompt transparent in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the most beautiful of Windows without a doubt. The options it offers to customize even the most insignificant of things is commendable. The way the OS has been designed, the brilliant mix of colors, the beautiful transparency of the Taskbar and the Action center make it a true gem to look at and work in.

Windows 10's beautiful UI

Its UI is world-class and we’ve already covered a lot of ways in which you can customize this OS here at Windows Clan which include changing mouse pointersresizing Start menu tilesusing dark taskbar with colored titlebar etc. Now let’s see how we can customize the command prompt.

The command prompt is of significant importance to Windows as you can carry out a lot of different instructions and can open different programs through it. Although the average user will likely never see it, advanced users often have the command prompt open just like any web browser is open all the time!

The command prompt has a particular look and feel, and though it comes with basic customization options for changing its its background color and text color, you can also make it transparent. How? Through the steps mentioned below.

Transparency in Windows 10 Command Prompt

Step 1: Open the command prompt by either typing cmd in Windows Search or pressing Windows + R together and typing cmd.

Step 2: Right click on its titlebar.

Step 3: Select properties from the context menu.

Step 4: Select the colors tab.

Step 5: In the scroll bar under Opacity, scroll it to a lower value as shown in the image below. The changes will be applied directly so you’ll be able to see the command prompt becoming transparent as soon as you use the scroll bar.

Scroll bar to decrease opacity

Click on OK when you’re done. Your command prompt should look something like this now.

A Transparent command prompt

This looks like a terribly tacky mess, but it’s only for testing purposes, I swear!

That’s it. Working with the command prompt will be a different experience now. For more on what Windows 10 can do, check out Windows Clan!