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Make iPhone 7 display brighter than maximum by turning on auto-brightness

The iPhone 7 comes with an interesting new feature: a new display brightness setting brighter than maximum which is activated only by using auto-brightness.


Whenever a major new smartphone is launched, the website DisplayMate does an in-depth review of its display technology. Year in year out, the displays on the Apple iPhones are rated as the most color accurate, and this year is no different. The iPhone 7 has the greatest color accuracy for any smartphone display out there. While the OLED displays in the Galaxy series of phones may be brighter, or have richer colors, they’re just not as accurate or true to life as the iPhone 7.

While reviewing the iPhone 7’s display, DisplayMate discovered an interesting new feature that is exclusive to Apple’s new phone.

You know how you can swipe up to open the Control Center in iOS, and can then increase the display brightness by moving the slider to the right? Well, even if you adjust brightness to be maximum, it actually won’t be!

Yes, manually increasing the iPhone 7 display brightness to maximum won’t give you that. Instead, you must turn on Auto Brightness. Auto Brightness will automatically increase the brightness higher by about 25% than the maximum value available in Control Center. This will only work in super-bright situations, like when you are using your iPhone 7 in direct sunlight.

To turn on Auto Brightness, just open the Settings app, and go to Display & Brightness. Just toggle the Auto-Brightness setting from there.

Why did Apple do this?

This is an interesting design decision by Apple. The iPhone display is already quite bright on its own, even at its perceived maximum setting. To curb excess battery consumption from forgetful super-bright display users, Apple has kept the actual brightest setting exclusive for users of Auto-Brightness.

I am sure this will draw the ire of people who strongly prefer maintaining their brightness manually, and use their iPhone in direct sunlight regularly. I, however, am happy with its auto-brightness settings. It generally works well. In case it doesn’t, I can just quickly adjust it from Control Center, and Auto Brightness than learns about my preferences. Let software do the work for you, guys!

So there you have it. If you want to increase iPhone 7 display brightness beyond the maximum value, you’ll need to turn on Auto Brightness. We have a feeling there will be a way to do this manually when a jailbreak is made available for the iPhone 7. Until then, turn on Auto Brightness!