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Microsoft Edge Extensions Are Right Around The Corner

If you have been wondering about Microsoft’s status on Edge extensions, you will be glad to know there has been a good sighting.

So yes, if you have been wondering on whether there has been an update on the arrival of Edge extensions, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are developers currently in the works of testing out what appear to be a handful of extensions for the browser.

While Microsoft Edge has a whole lot to offer on the surface, the lack of extension support is what comes as deal breaker. In the modern era where extensions are now a browser necessity instead of a luxury, Microsoft should really pick up the pace on releasing edge extensions sooner rather than later.

Earlier today, it was discovered that Microsoft already has a site for developers to test out their extensions on the browser. While the site is now giving a 403 error, It was Twitter user, Walking Cat, who is still alive after exploring the curiosity to probe and take a screenshot in the process!

Proof of Concept of edge extensions.

As you can see, the current limit of Edge extensions is currently restricted to Pinterest and Reddit Enhancement Suite, two very popular extensions for Google Chrome.

Microsoft has of course taken into consideration the immense competition that they face in the browser extension market. To help facilitate extension makers, for popular browser’s Microsoft does have plans to allow makers to export their extensions with ease.

While this discovery implies that that the final testing for Edge extensions has already begun, we still don’t have a fixed date for when to expect these extensions to hit the browser and allow us to shift.

Microsoft made similar efforts to encourage mobile developers to port their apps from Android to Windows Phone, the execution of said strategy was far less than what was desired by the developers. Here’s hoping that Microsoft has learned from past mistakes and doesn’t repeat history.

What are your most wanted extensions that you would want to make a debut on Microsoft Edge before you would consider using it as your primary browser? Let us know in the comments section below!

(via Walking Cat)