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Microsoft Improves Family Management In Windows 10

A shout out to all parents. Microsoft has taken some nice measures to improve family management in Windows 10. Here’s whats new!

As a parent, you face many dilemmas concerning your children every day. Whether they’re from their academic life or personal problems, as a parent its a must for you to be on your toes and keep your eye firmly on them. Now, Windows 10 allows you to do much more than that.

The Internet is now much more powerful than it used to be. Everything is available on it and if you’re smart enough, finding them is as easy using using Aero peek. As a parent, the Internet can be your child’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on how it is used. The increasing malicious activity on the Internet has prompted many users to voice their concerns about their security and privacy.

Microsoft had previously taken some good steps to ensure parents had a firm degree of control over their child’s activities but with this new improvement, their grip is only going to get tighter. Microsoft has decided to implement further changes into the family management features of Windows 10 by introducing some nice improvements that lets you keep track or restrict your children’s activities.

The new improvements include:

  1. Web browsing limitations to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer only: Previously, family management worked for other browsers as well. But now, this will only work for Edge and Internet Explorer as Microsoft states that browsers other than these two undergo developments all the time so it is not possible for them to align your settings with those new changes making your children susceptible to unwanted material. With this, your family settings would work seamlessly on Edge and Internet Explorer and to make sure your child only uses the aforementioned browsers, you can restrict them from using other browsers as well.
  2. Automated settings for children below 8 years old: Through this feature, whenever you’ll create an account for your child, Windows will automatically enable family management settings for children accounts below the age of 8. For children above 8, you’ll have to manually enable them yourselves.
  3. Allow/Disallow screen time extensions: Through this, you can increase/decrease screen time for your children without having to access settings by sending an email or through Microsoft account. We are currently unsure as to how this works.
  4. Add money to your Windows Store account more easily: Adding money to your Windows Store account can now be done without you having to give your child your credit card.
  5. View and limit purchases: Another addition is the ability to limit your child to the amount he can spend on buying apps in Windows Store. You can also review the purchases he/she has made as well.

These features may give you a more firm control over your child but we’d advise you not to be too hard on them and let them have some space as well. Happy parenting!