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Microsoft Snip: Add Voice & Live Annotations Over Screenshots

Warning! This is a feature article. Proceed with caution as we bring you a beautiful tool developed exclusively for Windows known as Microsoft Snip.

Snipping is a very common activity people tend to perform every day. Whether they’re data analysts or students in their undergraduate programs, snipping is unanimous to both of them. For those who’re wondering what snipping is, it refers to the ability to capture and manipulate anything that is visible on your screen.

Snipping is very handy when it comes to creating any kinds of documents, presentations etc. For us bloggers, it is nothing short of being fundamental. Previously, Windows did not house any in-built snipping tool. Instead, it allowed the print screen feature. The print screen button is present in the top right part of your keyboard labelled as the Prt Sc.

In order to use this feature, users had to press the Prt Sc button and then go to Paint. There, they had to click on Edit > Paste where the computer used to paste the whole screenshot into it and from there you could crop or manipulate it according to your needs. Extremely cumbersome as it looks, Microsoft quickly made amends by including the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista and so on. We’ve shown you how to add snipping tool to right click menu for easier access.

The Snipping Tool was superb as it allowed cropping in a much easier way. You could access it anywhere and easily save them wherever you want to.

While the snipping tool was an adequate tool to work with, Microsoft decided to outdo themselves by coming up with Microsoft Snip, an alternative snipping tool. I have recently started using it and I find its implementation and UI very, very intuitive.

 Microsoft Snip: Add Voice & Live Annotations Over Screenshots

The first button lets you take a screenshot of a specific area. The second button opens up a somewhat similar in-built Paint-like program with some additional features and the third button allows you to take a picture from your webcam.

You simply open it and it stays in your screen without its icon hanging around in your taskbar. You can place it anywhere on your screen but if you place it on top or at the right/left of your screen, it hides itself and quickly re-emerges when you hover your cursor over it.

One thing that Microsoft Snip can do and snipping tool cannot is allow annotations by itself. You do not require Paint or Skitch to make any annotations if you have Microsoft Snip.

Next to the close button, the small icons  is from where you can access your library where all of your screenshots are kept as shown below.

 Microsoft Snip: Add Voice & Live Annotations Over Screenshots

Don’t be alarmed. The screenshots are not stored within Microsoft Snip. You can save them anywhere you want within your computer by simply clicking the save button. It also allows you to record voice clips and save them very much in the same way Whatsapp does it. You can do both these things via the buttons shown below.

 Microsoft Snip: Add Voice & Live Annotations Over Screenshots

If you liked it, be sure to download it from the link below.

Microsoft Snip [Microsoft Office Website]