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Microsoft To Push Users Into Windows 10 Upgrade By Offering Them 2 Choices

In an attempt to ensure that Windows 10 sweeps across all Windows devices throughout the world, Microsoft has flexed its muscles to push users into Windows 10 upgrade by offering them only 2 choices: Upgrade now or Upgrade tonight.

Microsoft’s obsession into making Windows 10 the most widespread OS in the world continues. All Windows 7/8/8.1 lovers might want to shut their eyes as a bitter reality has made its way to the surface. This piece of news for those users is like Voldemort to Harry Potter as now through the latest updates, the Get Windows 10 feature will put a gun to your head and give you only 2 options to save your PC’s life: Upgrade now or Upgrade tonight.

We previously covered Microsoft’s impending strategy to push users to forcefully upgrade to Windows 10. It was believed that Microsoft would try doing something like this but, the way they’re going to do it is now known. The Get Windows 10 feature is present in all Windows of users currently not using Windows 10. This is the component responsible for automatically downloading your copy of Windows 10 in the background without giving you a hint.

The all new Windows 10

Previously, you could simply cancel this component and tell it to come back later. But now, after the latest update to this component, it will only offer you 2 choices to select from: Update now or Update tonight. Whichever option you choose, this update will make sure that you are sure to get up tomorrow morning and see your PC operating on Windows 10.

Microsoft stated earlier that the free Windows 10 upgrade is not going to hang on forever. Make one thing clear, Microsoft will push you to make the leap of faith into Windows 10 sooner or later. So, for those users who intend on simply closing the dialogue box that appears, the choice is not that simple. This is one of the possibilities that you keep on closing that dialogue box and your free upgrade to Windows 10 expires. So, when the time does comes for Microsoft to overpower you, you might end up paying for that upgrade.

When there is a will there is a way. For those users hopeful of hanging on to their current Windows, they can try to stop update to Windows 10. But we are not sure as to how long this will last. There’s nothing wrong in giving it a try though!