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Move Apps Between Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

Virtual Desktops is a huge new feature in Windows 10. In this guide, we show you how to move apps between Virtual Desktops in Microsoft’s new OS.

With the introduction of Virtual Desktops, not only has Windows 10 added something superb to its stronghold but Ubuntu/OS X users have finally lost their bragging rights regarding a feature that was almost omnipresent in their respective OSes for the longest time! Fans of these OSes used this feature to logically separate and group different apps and windows based on what they’re working on, and what general mode they’re in, whether it’s ‘work’ or ‘play’ or ‘read’ or ‘write’.

Virtual Desktops have cemented themselves as the hot favourite feature among Windows 10 users because of its superb flexibility that enable users to enjoy different desktop environments at the same time. One such feature is to be able to move apps between Virtual Desktops. Let’s get started.

To move apps between different desktops the user must have at least two desktops added which can be done by the help of Task View. Simply press Windows+Tab to launch task view. The working apps visible to you now are the apps that are running on the current desktop. It should look something like this.

Virtual Desktops Windows 10

Now to move apps between these two virtual desktops, simply drag and drop the app of your choice to the desktop you want and voila! As an example, i choose to move the app running in the top right corner of the snippet. After the drag and drop, your desktop should look something like this.

Drag and drop would result in this

Now simply click Desktop 2 and access the app dropped to the second desktop. This will work for as many desktops as the user wishes to have.

Moving apps between desktops is something I personally consider to be the “wow” factor in the Windows 10 which perfectly highlights how much easier it is now for users to do exactly what they want to with relative ease. Virtually, users can now juggle between their favourite apps which has brought multitasking to a whole new level in the Windows 10.