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Native Windows 10 Grey Theme Makes For Easy Computing At Night

Personalizing your computer is something every user likes to do. This post is a good step in that direction as we preview the native Windows 10 grey theme.

Windows 10 is a beautiful OS. It is finely crafted to be as eye catching, and easy to use as it can be. One of the things I liked the most when making the jumps from Windows 7 to Windows 8, then 8.1 and finally Windows 10 was how significantly Windows’ UI kept on getting better and better. Windows 8 with all its shortcomings was the most beautiful Windows at that time. The same is true for Windows 10.

Windows 10 was meant to please us in every way. Despite some of its shortcomings which include doing a little more to tinker with your WiFi and battery icon etc., it provides stiff competition to Mona Lisa’s portrait. It is a heaven for aesthetics-crazy users as you can do loads to change the way it looks. Some of these are to enable disable transparency in Start Menu, Taskbar and Action centerchange color of the Taskbar etc.

In addition to all these, Windows 10 can become a good friend of certain native themes. We’ve previously covered how you can apply a night mode theme as well as the hidden Windows 10 dark theme. Both of these themes are high contrast themes. They’re awesome to work in and also reduce the strain on your eyes, especially at night. However, If you’ve grown tired of the aforementioned themes, you can try out our latest grey theme.

This native Windows 10 grey theme is another work of art. As the title suggests, it makes for easy computing at night because its design and colors greatly reduce eye strain without compromising on how your desktop looks.

Before we get into it, you should know the difference between a native theme and a non-native one. A native theme uses Windows 10’s built-in, basic theming capabilities to build a theme. It is safer, but less effective than non-native themes that tweak system files which is less safe for your computer’s stability, but results in a more effective theme.

Steps to enable native Windows 10 grey theme

Step 1: Open the link below. It contains the theme’s code written by one eversins on DeviantArt.

Grey theme [Pastebin link]

Step 2: Copy all the code from line 1 to line 55 in Notepad. Ignore the code under Raw Paste Data.

Step 3: Save the notepad file anywhere with .theme extension.

Step 4: Double click on it and let Windows process itself.

Preview of the grey theme

Enjoy the grey theme! It doesn’t work absolutely perfectly, but it’s better than the bright colors of Windows that keep you up at night. Note that it will appear in the Control Panel Appearance and Personalization -> Change theme so that you can turn it on or off anytime.