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Neat Trick: Hide Folders By Renaming Them Cleverly

If you feel like searching something privately on the web, going incognito is the solution to hide your activity. Now, you can also go incognito in your Windows by learning this nice trick on how to hide folders by renaming them. It’s like hiding them in plain sight!

Privacy is a very delicate issue. Apart from setting up a password, Windows 10 allows you to keep yourself secure in another way which is the ability to login with PIN. Privacy is one of those traits of human beings that if invaded, makes them go nuts. Nobody likes their parents or siblings to be sniffing around in their personal pictures or text messages etc.

Web browsers have this luxurious incognito feature. If you wish to search something that you do not want others to see, simply go incognito. Microsoft Edge refers to the incognito mode as InPrivate browsing.

While web browsers may have this facility, what if you want to hide a folder in Windows 10? We’ve previously covered on how you can hide folders inside a .jpg file or create invisible folders. Today, we’ll tell you another neat trick to hide folders by renaming them.

This tidy trick does not require any registry tweaking or file archiving. While Windows provides you with the inbuilt functionality to simply hide a selected folder, we thought it would be a nice idea to bring you this trick as well. The idea of this trick is to rename a file to some technical component of Windows such as x86_drivers and change its icon to fool the user into thinking that the file is actually a folder containing system files. Without further due, the steps to apply this trick are as follows. This is more of a social engineering trick than anything else!

Step 1: Rename a file you wish to hide.

Step 2: Right click on it and select properties.

Step 3: Click on the customize tab.

Step 4: Click on the change icon button below folder icons.

Step 5: Select an icon from the list of icons as shown in the image below.

steps to hide holders by renaming them

Step 6: Click on OK and be sure to check the changes applied as shown in the image below.

 Neat Trick: Hide Folder By Renaming It Cleverly

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