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Netflix For Windows 10 Launches As A Brand New App

Netflix for Windows 10 just got a massive overhaul in a recent update, making it part of the universal app promise from the TV streaming giant.

Netflix is a medium that needs no introduction, the media streaming and producing giant behind smash hit shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, House of Cards, Bojack Horseman, and recently, F is for Family, is celebrating 2.5 Billion visits on Windows by giving their Windows 10 app a massive visual and performance revamp.

netflix for windows 10 main menu

Netflix has shared that their user base in the world of Windows have already spent plentiful hours on Netflix and the company was enthusiastic on enriching the user experience for the current and future users of the app.

Netflix also shared their favorable numbers when it came to the recent Black Friday sale, where over 75% of the sales were contributed from first time Windows Store buyers. Further, during the 10-Cents deal promotion, the company saw a 29 times purchase of the paid app with most of them being repeat traffic.

The new universal app experience is meant to give an overhaul to desktop and tablet users with phone users kept in consideration for the near future.

New In Netflix For Windows 10

Some of the features of the universal app are:

New Design: Makes it easier to look, browse, and watch your favorite TV Shows, movies, or other forms of entertainment on a matched user interface so you never have to worry about navigation.

Live Tile and new customization options: Pinning the app to your start menu will show you an assortment of artwork from members watch-list.

Enhanced search options with Cortana support: With the help of Cortana, you can launch, navigate and search for TV Shows with the built-in voice assistant for the OS.

Considering the enormity of the network, Netflix for Windows 10 is definitely the best addition to a gigantic install base of users who are sure to welcome the revised entertainment app with open arms.

If you wish to download and try the app out for yourself, you can download it from the Windows Store right now.

Download Netflix for Windows 10 [Windows Store]

What are your thoughts on the new app? If you’re already using it, let us know in the comments section!