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This Is What The New MacBook Pro 2016 May Look Like [Mockup Photos]

Spy photos of the new 2016 MacBook Pro were leaked a few days ago. Today, we came across a high-quality design mockup based on said leaked image which gives you a nice idea of what the final hardware might look like. Check it out after the jump.

2016 Macbook Pro Spy Shot

Leaked keyboard and touchpad design of the 2016 MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

After announcing the redesign in 2011-2012, Apple has maintained the same design for the MacBook Pro for five years now! It’s not a bad thing, though, since the MacBook Pro with Retina Display has such an amazing, timeless design – unlike most Windows laptop which look outdated in just a couple years time.

However, the time is right to announce an updated new design, especially since Apple introduced the new MacBook last year. All three notebooks – Air, MacBook, and Pro – have designs that are inconsistent with one another. By updating the Pro’s design, Apple will be making their designs consistent while also bringing some nice new hardware features.

Cult of Mac leaked photos of the MacBook Pro 2016 keyboard and touchpad. It essentially confirmed the new OLED touchbar at the top which will be replacing the hardware Fn keys – brightness and volume controls, media controls etc. It may sound like a bad idea, but I feel it’s great since you’ll be able to customize the keys to your liking.

The images also confirmed a larger touchpad. The current design leaves ample space between the keyboard and touchpad, and the touchpad and the bottom edge of the laptop. The new MacBook Pro 2016 design brings that gap down to just a few millimeters.

One more interesting change is the new speaker grille. The current design has the speakers placed under the keyboard. It appears Apple is bringing 15″ MacBook Pro’s design to the 13″ model, where the speakers are placed to the sides of the keyboard.

A 9to5Mac reader who goes by the name of Cameron shared a design mockup he made based on the leaked photo. It gives us a pretty decent idea of what the 2016 MacBook Pro will look like, when compared to the current design.

2016 MacBook Pro design mockup

Design mockup based on leaked shot. Left: 2016 MacBook Pro vs. Right: current MacBook Pro design

I personally don’t like the new MacBook-style keyboard design, but everything else is welcome!