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New Windows 10 Start Menu In Photos [Redstone Update]

We all know about the highly anticipated Redstone update headed for Windows 10 in the coming months, but some new pictures give us a first look at a redesigned Start menu.

The Windows 10 Start menu is a perfect combination of the Windows 7 / 8 Start menu, but even Microsoft knows that there is still room for improvement.

Many of the changes you will see in the coming picture won’t really show you much of a difference between the current Start menu and newer Start menu unless you look closely.

The New WIndows 10 Start menu.

The new Start Menu.

The current start menu.

The current Start menu

To help point out the differences between the Start menus, you only need to see the left side of the newer Start menu image.

You will notice the addition of a hamburger menu and how quite a few fixed buttons are now a part of the Start menu fixture, such as your Username, Settings and the Power button.

The following GIF will give you a better idea of the Start menu in action and help you better understand the new changes:

New Windows 10 Start Menu with Hamburger icon GIF

Click on the image above to view the GIF.

Where in the current Start menu you see icons with text, the newer Start menu will affix the icons to the left side and will only reveal the text if you toggle the hamburger menu.

Another subtle change to the Start menu is the removal of the “All Apps” button which has been made redundant. You will now see all of your apps in plain sight as soon as you open the Start menu.

This is a good throw back to the days of Windows 8 and was a significant feature requested by the community.

The newer Start menu is already a part of the current Insider Preview Builds and it is highly encouraged that developers give their input so that Microsoft can make changes and implement them before the final release.

While the right side of the Start menu will still be dominated by Live Tiles and apps, so let’s hope that Microsoft can find better use of that side of the Start menu as well.

I have to say that these improvements are something that is definitely going to be welcomed with open arms, but let’s hope Microsoft adds more features to make it more useful.

(via Softpedia)